After starting her training and teaching in India, Laura settled in Dubai in 2011. She now teaches studio classes at Zen Yoga, as well as working with private clients to help create an individual practice safely and build a foundation for a healthier lifestyle. She also teaches Corporate Yoga classes and gives talks and demonstrations at Company events, all of which promote better concentration, communication, and mental wellbeing in stressful work environments. 

The growing Yoga community and the diversity of nationalities and practioneers in Dubai make it a perfect setting for cultivating a deeper awareness and understanding. 

Laura travels yearly to Mysore to study with her teacher Ajay Kumar, and when in London she practises with Stewart Gilchrist. Her interest in anatomy and physiology has led her to multiple workshops to gain deeper insight of the body. 

Holding bi-yearly weekend retreats in Zighy Bay,Oman and weekly retreats around the world also allows her students to delve deeper into their practice and Laura's teachings.

In addition, Laura holds Kirtans in Dubai, and occasionally teaches chanting workshops.

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