We all know work can be a stressful, fast paced place were we often feel overwhelmed and over-worked. Using yoga as your framework to learn some basic tools to help combat those feelings can help both you as an individual and those around you. In other words, your work environment become manageable, and enjoyable.


Physical Asana 30 mins or 60 mins

*Can be done on a Mat/Towel or in a Chair
Includes basic breath work and a simple stretch routine targeting common workplace induced stiffness (shoulders, lower back etc..). The longer session includes a wider variety of postures.

Meditation 30 mins or 60 mins

Includes basic explanation of simple meditation and breathing techniques along with a short practice and group discussion. Again, the longer session contains various methods as well as a 20 minute guided relaxation.

Talk 30 mins / 60 mins/ 90 mins

Introductory talk on common workplace issues (effective communication, stress, anxiety, lethargy etc...) and how specific yogic techniques can help. The longer sessions includes some group/partner work and worksheets with time for a Q&A at the end.


30 Minutes @500AED (*can only be booked in conjunction with another session)

60 Minutes @1500AED

90 Minutes @2000AED

120 Minutes @2500AED

Any of the above options can be combined to fit your needs, or tailored specifically for an event.


Intro to Yoga:
30 mins physical practice 30 mins talk

Move & Meditate: 30/60 mins Physical 30/60 mins Meditation

In Depth: 60/90 talk 30 meditation 30 physical

20% discount on first time client bookings